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Winter sucks. Wasn't it supposed to be like +20 today in Calgary today? You know what doesn't suck? Summer. 80 days until super-early bird registration opens for #Stampede7s 2019 rugby fans!
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2018-10-13 08:53

Stampede Sevens added 6 new photos. And with our last thank you of 2018, we thank, well, um, ourselves. Thank you to the 8 members of the Stampede 7's Organizing Committee. As we saw from the tournament feedback, and from the tournament itself, 2018 Stampede 7's was a hit. Thank you to our Chairman Andrew Sawatsky for leading this group of organizational misfits. Further thank you to Jennifer Behie Ratzlaff, Fred Kazakoff, David Waring, Lloyd Piehl, Carleigh MacKenzie, Aly Hickey and Jessica Bateman for all you do making this event happen. In thanking ourselves, we really thank you, the fans of this tournament. If you keep showing up, we'll keep doing it. But stay tuned, based on your feedback, we will be drastically altering this tournament for 2019.....
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2018-08-08 03:58

Stampede Sevens added 6 new photos. With our second last thank you of 2018, we'd like to thank the incredible staff at the Calgary Rugby Union! Dan and his staff at the CRU were everywhere at our tournament making sure everything was running smoothly. We literally could do not do this tournament without the support of the Calgary Rugby Union, and we are so grateful for their support. Make sure you thank the staff at the CRU and let them know that you appreciate all they do to give Calgary a world class rugby park!
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2018-08-07 06:32

Today we thank the Stampede 7's medical team from Fortius Rehabilitation Systems for all their hard work keeping us playing rugby. Nicole Ainsworth and her team were everywhere this year fixing every imaginable rugby ailment at our tournament. If you are looking to get back to 100% definitely give Nicole and the folks from Fortius a call!
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2018-08-01 04:21

Stampede Sevens added 4 new photos. The supporting group we thank today is the Calgary Referees Society and supporting officials from outside Unions. Calgary referee Johnny Eh Pearce organized this year's refereeing for our tournament and we thank him, and everyone he rounded up. Refereeing rugby is an incredibly difficult task, and the calibre of referee we had this year only added to the talent level of matches. Players and fans gave glowing results on this year's end of event survey for the tournament referees. Thank you to all tournament officials for making the matches fun, safe and above all - run on time!
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2018-07-30 07:52


Hey, at least he made it to @knoxvillesyyc #Stampede7s after-party. That alone is an achievement.…
Fri Nov 09 17:00:33 +0000 2018

For any international #rugby teams visiting #Stampede7s in 2019, yes you heard right, #Canada has legalized marijua…
Fri Nov 09 15:58:25 +0000 2018

Winter sucks. Wasn't it supposed to be like +20 today in #Calgary, #Alberta, #Canada today? You know what doesn't s…
Sat Oct 13 20:50:21 +0000 2018

Did you miss us? We know you did. Big tournament news and changes to be announced next month.... Stay tuned! #yyc #Stampede #Rugby
Fri Sep 28 12:19:45 +0000 2018

RT @RugbyOntario: Sr. Men's #CRC2018 Semi Finals go Thursday night in #Calgary! 🏉 Blues vs @bcrugbyunion Bears 📍 @CalgaryRugby ⏰ 7pm ET 📺…
Wed Aug 22 12:11:08 +0000 2018

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