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PREMIERE – Men ' s & Women ' s
Want to show off your 7 ' s prowess against the best teams in Calgary 7 ' s rugby? Then this is the division for you. Come prepared to leave it all on the field in a 7 ' s rugby battle for the tournament ' s only cash prizes. IRB 7-a-side regulations will be strictly observed by the referees.
CLUB – Men ' s
A division for those who want to be more serious about 7 ' s but aren ' t quite ready to make the jump to the fully competitive premiere division. Stricter kit regulations and strict adherence to the IRB rules of 7-a-side rugby will be observed.
SOCIAL – Men ' s & Women ' s
A division for those who are looking for a focus on the strictly fun side of 7-a-side rugby! If you are looking to play rugby in costume this is the division for you!
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